History of LARP swords

Live Action Roleplaying swords
History of LARP swords. Live Action Roleplaying swords. Sword history.

Expanding from the tabletop roleplaying games of Dungeons and Dragons that eventually gave birth to the massively multiplayer online roleplaying computer games such as World of Warcraft, Live Action Roleplaying games are physical re-enactments of scenarios more often attributed to such role-playing games. Born out of the 1970s, these events range from small private events to massive events with thousands of players lasting a number of days. In these events, players simulate their own characters and partake in simulated combat, sometimes using dice rolls or other similar contests, but in some cases with the use of fake weaponry.

The weapons used in live action roleplaying games vary depending on the genre. The weaponry used can range from airsoft guns to foam swords depending on where and when the game is set. The swords are designed to be utterly harmless to all participants, made of foam or latex, and yet styled according to traditional designs to accurately reflect the time period and geographical origin of the weapon upon which they are based.

Of course, strikes from such weapons are entirely harmless; however, LARP organisers take the use of these weapons very seriously. Strikes aimed at a player’s head are vehemently discouraged, and all strikes are expected to be ‘pulled’ or reduced in their force so they land with negligible force. All weapons brought to a LARP are checked by a referee to ensure that no harm will come to any players.

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